VIDA Challenges

VIDA Challenges enlisted below present the examples and not an exhaustive list. Some additional resource efficiency challenges in the agrifood sector may be also considered eligible.
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Food Sector Resource efficiency challenges
Fish Farming Decontamination, closingloops
Sustainable Farming North and South of Europe
Manure management; Water recycling; decontamination; Energy efficiency; clogging pipes/species; difusse pollution
Soy/Milk Processes Nutrients valorisation; dewatering
Brewery Wineries Closingloops; innovative water sources; water treatments for industrial process; improvement of cleaning
Greenhouses Energy–water efficiency and circular economy
Meat processing Nutrients valorisation; energy efficiency in cooling and heating; water efficiency–monitoring and water footprint; organic pollutants degradation
Sugar processing industry Degradation of persistent organic pollutants; sugar production; nutrients valorisation