Open call for VIDA Voucher Scheme

VIDA aims to accelerate the implementation of new solutions (preferably key enabling technologies) in the food sector which improve the usage of water and energy with the ambition to reduce losses and consumption. VIDA has three different types of funding vouchers to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) seeking new resource efficient

The Innovation Support Voucher (ISV) provides in-kind and/or financial support to SME in the food, water, energy or key enabling technologies (KET) sectors to get access to external knowledge and expertise. The Validation Voucher (VV) allows innovators to get their technological development validated. The Demonstration Voucher (DV) offers consortia an opportunity to demonstrate their new developments on site of a ‘prospective user’.

VIDA has created a collaboration space consisting of workshops and an online matchmaking portal called ‘CLOU5’, to be complemented by matchmaking events that will allow enterprises to
identify a suitable partner matching the needs of a prospective user. In a second step, the SME and the partner(s) can apply for a joint ‘Demonstration Project’ to demonstrate an innovation in the value chain. Follow-up coaching and transfer activities by the VIDA partner organizations will maximize the impact of these collaborative innovation projects.

Table 1 Snapshot of the financial overview for the VIDA Voucher Scheme

Voucher Type Value
per voucher (€)
Purpose of voucher

Innovation Support Voucher

€ 1.000* to € 5.000 *except for travel expenses An individual service regarding a specific challenge in its value chain that could be improved.

Validation Voucher

€ 10.000 to € 25.000 A customised validation of its solution.

Demonstration Voucher

€ 10.000 to € 60.000 A demonstration of the solution in cooperation with a prospective user, together with at least one other SME.
The overall maximum funding available for any SME is € 60.000 (the sum of all VIDA vouchers awarded to this beneficiary). Any funding received by an SME in the form of VIDA vouchers will be reduced from the overall amount of funding available for this SME within VIDA.
SME’s participating as knowledge/service providers are not
restricted to the overall maximum funding (€ 60.000), thus can participate in multiple consultancy or innovation projects.

For more information, please read carefully the VIDA Terms and Conditions.