Demonstration Voucher (DV)

The Demonstration Voucher (DV) provides financial support to small and medium-sized enterprizes (SME) in the food, water, energy or KET-sector to fund the demonstration of innovative solutions towards resource efficient food processing.

The Demonstration Vouchers (DV) are meant to address one common challenge of minimizing resource consumption in the food chain. DV provide financial support to SME from the food, water, energy or KET-sector to fund the demonstration of innovative solutions in practice. The aim of the DV is to assess diverse, new solutions provided by innovative SME for the common challenges within one related project in the food-chain. The DV offers consortia of minimum two SMEs an opportunity to demonstrate new solutions towards a resource efficient food production on site of a ‘prospective user’, i.e. a company from the food production and processing.

The challenges VIDA aims to address are described on the VIDA website and will be udated in the course of the VIDA project. Key enabling technologies (KET), i.e. microtechnology, nanotechnology, industrial biotechnology, advanced materials, photonics, and advanced manufacturing technologies provide diverse potentials to tackle the challenges of minimizing resource consumption. DV supports in particular demonstration projects that are based on such KET solutions.

For the Demonstration Voucher, 2 calls are foreseen during the course of the VIDA project:

– Call 1: open February 1st, 2019 at 09.00 hrs CET, extended to April 30th, 2019 at 17:00 hrs CET

– Call 2: open August 1st, 2019 at 09:00 hrs CET, closing October 31st, 2019 17:00 hrs CET

Applicants are entitled to apply and benefit from more than one VIDA voucher scheme, reaching a total max. funding of € 60.000 per SME, provided that the VIDA projects are executed in line with the VIDA Terms and Conditions.

More info about Demonstration Voucher may be found here (Guide for applicants).

You may download the editable application form herePlease notice: VIDA application forms have been updated in July 2019, so make sure to use the newest version that is 2.0.

For the submission of the application please visit CLOU5. (previous registration required)

Note: You will have to register on the platform, so please identify your VIDA cluster for sponsorship and send an e-mail containing your name, surname, country, company, email address and preferred VIDA cluster to

To successfully submit your voucher application on CLOU5 platform, VIDA team has provided with the user manual that can be seen here: