VIDA presented by LE2C at the Circular Economy Workshop

Luca Donelli, President of the Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster – VIDA partner, participated as a speaker at the Circular Economy Workshop, which took place on June 12th, 2020. The Workshop was an Italian-Slovenian joint initiative and it was organised by Centrocot Spa, the Industrial Union of the province of Varese, SRIP-Circular Economy and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Stajerska. The workshop aimed at fostering the collaboration on the topic of Circular Economy among Italian and Slovenian industrial districts. It provided a venue where the various actors involved (companies, clusters, associations and research centres ) could present their own views and activities related to the Circular Economy in order to promote mutual knowledge, share ideas and identify sectors and topics to develop future actions and collaborations. Luca Donelli contributed to the discussion by illustrating LE2C’s view and actions related to Circular Economy; among them, the VIDA Project distinguished as one of the most prominent and successful initiatives. The President highlighted the impressive results of the project and how it boosted the ability of a large number of European SMEs to develop and/or implement their innovative solutions. In particular, he stressed the importance to foster cross-sectorial and cross-border initiatives, which he believes to be the main success elements of the VIDA project: they are the key factors towards an inclusive and successful path to Circular Economy that encompasses all industries and territories.