VIDA International Brokerage Event I SEP 12 (2019) I MILAN

VIDA international Brokerage Event 2019 will be hosted by VIDA partner and will take place at the Via Chiaravalle 8 – Sala Falck, in Milan on September 12th, between 9.15 and 16.00.

VIDA – Value-added Innovation in fooD chAins aims to drive Europe’s global competitiveness and economic development by bringing together a food-energy-water nexus in food chains through VIDA Voucher Scheme. Food production and processing crucially depend on energy and water, which provide the necessary inputs, as well as Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), to process raw materials into marketable products. VIDA’s main objective is to support optimisation and resource efficiency in food value chains through innovation.

VIDA international Brokerage Event 2019 will promote matchmaking among SMEs interested in VIDA vouchers and EU funding (i.e. other types of voucher schemes and cascading funding through Horizon Europe Programme) and will enhance good practices and hints for having successful innovative projects. Some companies will present resource efficiency challenges and solution in the agri-food sector, both as end-users and technology suppliers.

Therefore, VIDA invites all interested SMEs to register and submit their contributions for the Pitch Session ‘Challenges and solutions for a sustainable and competitive European food value chain’ not later than September 3rd by filling in the Expression of Interest form and sending it to the email:

Full programme: EN
The event will be in English, no translation available.


List of provided presentations may be found below:

VIDA project presentation: Supporting SME’s in the Food chain, James Baker – VIDA Project Manager

Tips for a good proposal, Marisa Fernandez, Clúster para el Uso Eficiente del Agua – ZINNAE

DIVA project presentation: Boosting innovative digitech value chains for agri-food, forestry and
environment, Anna Giacon and Daniele Abate, H-FARM – National Contact Point for DIVA project

Opportunities from Horizon Europe in the agri-food and cleantech sector, Diana Caputo, Assolombarda

Italian Food Technology Industry – ANINA/ASSOFOODTEC

First Results: Supporting innovation trough collaborationSabine Höfel & Norbert Reichl VIDA Project

Foodchain – Block Technology for Food, Edoardo Misino – VIDA project

Some of the challenges and solutions for a sustainable and competitive European food value chain presented through elevator pitches by:

The AI – IoT monitoring system for farming: Deep learning for support decision system – 3BEE

A natural laboratory for developing innovative sustainable solutions – NEORURALEHUB

Rethinking the Supply Chain, Camilla Enge – Refarmed ApS

Scientific and Technological Research Organisation for the Agri-food Industry – TECNOALIMENTI

In case you are interested to collaborate with these companies and apply for VIDA Voucher Scheme, please contact them directly.