The Pitch Training – workshop with Dirk Lehmann hosted by H2020 VIDA

On 29 April 2021, from 10h00-12h00 CEST, H2020 VIDA in collaboration with Dirk Lehmann organises The Pitch Training workshop aimed at SMEs on how to create their winning pitches. Dirk Lehmann is the creator of the concept, with over ten years of professional experience in corporate roles and the start-up ecosystem.

The hands-on interactive process will challenge SMEs to ideate and select the most relevant content, focusing on their key messages. They will be encouraged to learn techniques on how to connect with their target audience. SMEs will find out how to prepare their pitch faster and get better results. Dirk Lehman will show SMEs how to develop pitches in a time-efficient manner. After the Pitch Training SMEs will see that they can have more impact on stage, than previously believed, and in less time, than they ever thought possible.

The Pitch Training Workshop is free of charge.

Please register by 26 April.

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