The next generation plant-based meat analogues


The next generation plant-based meat analogues


12 August 2019 / 12 February 2020

VIDA Challenges

Alternative food production


The high consumption of meat has detrimental consequences for planet earth. Clearly, meat consumption has to be reduced. A route to reduce meat consumption is based on the development of plant-based meat analogues. Plant Meat Makers develops the next generation plant-based meat products with remarkable taste and texture, based on the novel shear cell technology. For validation of the shear cell technology and the successfulness of the products made with this technology, the next step is to do consumer/customer validation of the products. Wageningen University will act as a service provider in this project, by providing Plant Meat Makers with samples that can be used for customer and consumer validation, since Plant Meat Makers does not have their own equipment yet. Plant Meat Makers will use these samples for product validation.


Plant Meat Makers