Sustainable milk processing

VIDA challenge case description

The dairy industry accounts with 13% turnover for the total food and drink industry in Europe. Milk processing involves a large variety of heating and cooling processes. Thus, the introduction of renewable resources for the supply of heat and electricity in the dairy industry is one of the major challenges for this sector.

A life cycle assessment of the dairy industry shows that an additional way of saving water and energy would require a better dimension of machines and tanks installed (Source: SUSMILK – FP7 project). Responsible management of water throughout the dairy value chain and the minimization of waste completes the picture for achieving asustainable dairy industry.

Innovation areas to address resource efficiency challenges

Dewatering; nutrients valorisation; non-chemical treatments; energy and/or water efficiency; I4.0 solutions optimizing the overall process including dosing, artificial intelligence, optimized monitoring and control of the process parameters and material flow and quality control.

Existing innovative solutions

Some of the identified innovative solutions to approach this challenge were presented via VIDA Webinars. See all the presentations here:

Demonstration Vouchers funded by VIDA

DV246 – Concentrating milk through single-step filtration: a unique sustainable milk processing solution for farmers worldwide


Enlisted VIDA Challenges and cases present the examples and not an exhaustive list. Some additional resource efficiency challenges in the agri-food sector may be also considered eligible.

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