Sustainable Breweries

VIDA challenge case description

The Czech Republic brewery market analysis was presented by 3+Kraus company during the second VIDA Webinar. As a territory with a rich tradition of beer production, the production reaches up to 20,5 mil. Hl per year. There are 427 breweries only in the Czech Republic, most of them micro-breweries, which have experienced continuous growth in the last 8 years.

Some of the key aspects of beer production in terms of resource efficiency are:

  • Water consumption (up to 5-6 litres of water per litre of beer);
  • electricity consumption and
  • the non-use of residual heat.

Innovation areas to address resource efficiency challenges

Closing loops; intensification of the brewing process; innovative water sources; water treatments for industrial processes; improvement of cleaning; I4.0 solutions optimizing the overall process including dosing, artificial intelligence, optimized monitoring and control of the process parameters and material flow and quality control.

Existing innovative solutions

Some of the identified innovative solutions to approach this challenge were presented via VIDA Webinars. See all the presentations here:

Brewery Resource efficiency 3+KRAUS

Wine/brewery industry use of solar panels by CHEMITEK

From thought to technology, from lab to practice EPS biotechnology

Optimizing water filters by FLOWPLAN

Rain Water as a solution for the global demand for drinking water by D2D Water Solutions

Demonstration Vouchers funded by VIDA

DV026 – Nanofiltration applied to rejected water recovery in brewery industry


Enlisted VIDA Challenges and cases present the examples and not an exhaustive list. Some additional resource efficiency challenges in the agri-food sector may be also considered eligible.

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