Study FEM multifunctional toroidal turbine


Study FEM multifunctional toroidal turbine


28 May 2020 / 28 July 2020

VIDA Challenges

Sustainable agriculture and efficient greenhouse management


This innovation of the multifunctional toroidal turbine can be used to improve the food value chain. The problem is that the current hydraulic pumps to irrigate large and medium-sized food cultivation fields, consume a lot of electricity and have a very high purchase cost depending on the size of the water flow they have to pump. Moreover, the hydraulic turbines for the production of hydroelectric energy have very high costs and are in any case two different devices.  The objectives and key results of these FEM and CFD studies are to demonstrate the operation and efficiency of our multifunctional turbine both as a hydraulic pump and as an electric generator, with analytical software and to improve its functionality. This innovation is important for society because it lowers the purchase costs of turbines and lowers the costs and consumption of electricity, improving the food value chain! The traditional turbines for electricity generation work and can be operated by a single fluid such as water or gas or steam, etc… They have the externally connected electric generator and are also not reversible, have high costs and these they are not very efficient. Our solution is a single multifunctional device that solves these problems: of costs, of electricity consumption if it used as a hydraulic pump, it is more efficient and has a high compression and thrust of the fluid like water and if fed by any fluid under pressure such as water, compressed air, gas under pressure, the multifunctional toroidal turbine produces a lot of electricity. The necessities are those of making a study of fluid dynamics and studies of the magnetic fields of the solenoids for the simulation of the production of electric energy and vice versa if powered by electricity study magnetic fields inside the toroidal solenoid, which move the turbine rotor, when used as a hydraulic compressor.


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