Resource-efficient beverages production (other non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages)

VIDA challenge case description

The value chain of beverage processing includes many steps (for ex.: clarification and pre-filtration, final filtration, additives introduction, process monitoring, tank venting, gas filtration, housing). (

These processes consume a significant amount of water and energy and provide a lot of space for implementing process optimizations or innovative solutions that will make the production more effective thus boosting the resource efficiency and circular economy concepts integration and making the industry more competitive.

Innovation areas to address resource efficiency challenges

Nutrients preservation and valorisation; efficient filtration processes; non-chemical treatments; energy and/or water efficiency; shell-life extension by implementing advanced production methods; I4.0 solutions optimizing the overall process including dosing, artificial intelligence, optimized monitoring and control of the process parameters and material flow and quality control.

Existing innovative solutions

To be proposed.

Demonstration Vouchers funded by VIDA

None, up to date.


Enlisted VIDA Challenges and cases present the examples and not an exhaustive list. Some additional resource efficiency challenges in the agri-food sector may be also considered eligible.

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