Overgreen lowers the environmental impact of agriculture and increases the healthiness of food




March 2020 / February 2021

VIDA Challenges

Sustainable agriculture and efficient greenhouse management


Overgreen is a decision support system for growers, aimed to increase the quality and quantity of their yield, and optimizing irrigation and chemical usage. Overgreen aims to tackle three main global challenges. The first is to help farmers dealing with climate change. With weather events becoming more and more unpredictable, Overgreen provides game-changing insight with the micro-climatic monitoring of the crops. Thanks to sensors installed on the fields, farmers are able to control in real-time, everywhere they are, key indicators like temperature, humidity, leaf wetness and solar radiation, and take swift action to incoming weather variation. Mastering the climate of their specific field is a significant advantage for farmers in protecting their crops and making the most out of it. The second challenge tackled by Overgreen is water saving. The system offers specific suggestion on irrigation, making water management efficient, with the aim to use 50% less water. The third and final challenge is food health, thanks to disease predictive models that helps forecasting the attack of crop pathogens. This is key in optimizing the usage of pesticides, with the aim of cutting their consumption by 50%. The result is a lower pollution of water and soil, and a final produce with less to none chemical residue. The overall goal is to provide healthier food, with more abundant yield and minimum environmental impact.

Overgreen will work with every kind of crop and in every kind of farm, being it greenhouses, open field or vertical farms. The system will include the most advanced technology from Evja and UMPI, to deliver a top-notch product that is unique on the market.

Evja provides a comprehensive software with agronomic models, artificial intelligence and data analytics for the agriculture market. UMPI innovative sensors that can cover a large area with unprecedented cost-effectiveness. Both software and hardware are plug’n’play, making Overgreen easy to use and viable to be sold online.


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