External Validation of the Production Technology of Beta-Aspartyl Dipeptides


External Validation of the Production Technology of Beta-Aspartyl Dipeptides


17 June 2020 / 17 December 2020

VIDA Challenges

Alternative food production


Dipeptides (combinations of two amino acids) are scientifically recognized as superior alternatives to the available conventional free amino acids. This started back in the 70’s as nutrition researchers revealed that dipeptides represent the major component resulting from protein digestion in the GIT. Since then, numerous studies were published describing findings on their specialized transporters and their superior benefits. However, the development of economical production processes for their bulk production remained challenging until today. Cysal’s KET for the fermentative production of beta-Aspartyl dipeptides enabled the commercial application thereof in the field of personal care (current market) and shall enable their application also in other fields, for example; in food (short-term) and feed (long-term). This project aims at the validation of Cysal’s biotechnological production process for such larger markets which require higher production volumes than the current one. To achieve this, suitable fermentation infrastructure, and specialized know-how for process upscaling are required, exceed however the available capacity of Cysal. The planed validation shall provide sufficient data on the suitability and the feasibility of the current production technology at larger scales. The resulting data and the expertise of the knowledge provider shall also reveal optimization potential to enhance the sustainability of the process and to render the use of resources more effective. Project success would strongly support the commercial availability of beta-Aspartyl dipeptides and expand the ingredient inventory for researchers and product developers within several new application fields such as protein nutrition, immunomodulation, cardiovascular and brain health. This shall enable the development of enhanced solutions/products for the wide base of end-customers within these application fields.


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