Design draft of equipment for separation of micro and nano particles in the drying process using the new CASND processing technology

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Design draft of equipment for separation of micro and nano particles in the drying process using the new CASND processing technology


18 September 2019 / 18 March 2020

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Resource-efficient food processing

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Resource-efficient beverages production (other non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages)


DBH has developed a new Carbon Dioxide Assisted Spray Nebulization Drying Technology (CASND), that is capable to dry and nano/micronize thermolabile or biological active materials maintaining their native state or characteristics. The currently used spray drying technique operates at much higher temperatures (160⁰C at least) in comparison to CASND which operates at 45 – 60⁰C. Moreover, its features are better than lyophilization because it is a continuous operating technology.   As the particular market segments (especially the cosmetic and pharma)  demand high efficiency for the small particle separation, we were not able to fulfil the requirements by our current solution. The cyclone separator proved to be highly ineffective to separate the fine submicron particles produced by the CASND process. The demand for a sufficient separation efficiency rises when expensive materials (substances) are processed (e.g. enzymes, vitamins, probiotics, cells, vaccines or proteins, etc.). Therefore, we turned to Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) to help us with totally new approach. The goal for the knowledge provider was to deliver a broad technical (scientific) and patent research to suggest approaches that can be viable and at the end to provide particular technical solution – drawings of separation device that is realizable, and fits the technology principles and parameters. The new drying method cannot work without efficient powder separation. Upon the project results DBH will build and assemble new particle separator that will be rigourously tested. The demand for such processing technology is obvious when better functionality of the food formulations wants to be achieved. Microparticulation by the CASND technology improves solubility, dispersibility and functional characteristics, such as foaming, emulsifying  or absorbing properties   of the powdered food materials  significantly. Moreover today’s consumers are also more healthy lifestyle focused, thus they prefer to consume substances in their native state as they are much healthier, slowing down the aging process.

Filtration unit in the CASND dryer


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