BioPod solution


BioPod solution


25 September 2019 / 25 September 2020

VIDA Challenges

Sustainable agriculture and efficient greenhouse management


BioPod solution is a vegetable Ecosystem, where only energy, food waste and water are needed. BioPod is energy – water efficient and a circular economy solution.

The BioPod solution is a closed loop food production operating on a household- or a community level, and integrated as a new urban farm concept of Regen villas/Agrihoods or larger scale commercial food production in Ecofriendly industrial agro food parks.


  1. To develop, demonstrate and disseminate an advanced BioPod container solution (LivingLab) for the European market.
  2. To establish the Dansk Lokal Energi as a service and installation company for a sourced renewable energy and food solution (in the BioPod container) for villa and townhouses in Denmark and other Nordic countries. The container solution will constitute an energy, food solution and a service concept that can also be exported to European countries and China through our Sino Nordic Innovation Cluster (
  3. To establish a go-to market strategy for the developed BioPod container solution


Energy water efficiency and circular economy.

Success criteria: Automated BioPod system with alert functions, if resource flow are not optimal in relation to vegetable productivity.

KPI in resource flow.

  1. Collecting, cleaning and recirculation of water resources to the vegetable. KPI: 90% recirculation of water.
  2. Recirculation of nutrients to the vegetable based on organic waste. KPI: 100% organic waste is used.
  3. Energy and electricity consumption. KPI: 100 % renewable energy and electricity are used.
  4. Measurement of the optimal balance between resource flow /water, energy, nutrients) and the vegetable production (number and quality of vegetable). KPI. Proof of concept with validated data gathering and optimized BioPod for energy efficiency and circular economy.

The key value proposition of the BioPod solution:

  1. The possibility of organically grown, pest free vegetables with no additional fertiliser than nutrients from the BioPod solution.
  2. Controlable nutrient flow.
  3. Controlable climate and irrigation.
  4. Handle most of household waste (including food waste, greens, paper and eventually humanure) with more circular energy and nutrient flow.
  5. Heatpump/biogas solution with battery connected to PV for a community.
  6. BioPod are targeted one family, small and large communities for producing food and handling food waste. The solution can be integrated into new buildings.

Key Enabling Technologies (KET)
Aquaponic/Hydroponic solutions and IOT (automatic monitoring/control of Water, Air and Biological processes, with Sensor based Technology).

End users in Europe:
Green house farmers
Individual households and
Eco villages with shared Biopod facilities in rual European areas.

There is now political barriere by using the developed Biopod in the European countries. One barriere is to use black solider flyer as nutrient. We will not use that in the BioPod for the European market. We will either use fish waste or standard nutrients for the vegetable production.

The intention is to used the BioPod in Eco villages, where the residents together use and share the BioPod.

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