Alternative food production

VIDA challenge case description

Satisfying the world’s food need creates significant environmental impacts, from fertilizers and pesticides abuse, overfishing and habitat loss. Business from farms to retailers are under pressure to reduce the environmental and social impact of growing produce and process food. An increasing population has to live off a limited supply of arable land and increasingly limited resources. New and alternative food diets, practices and sources need to be explored.

Innovation areas to address resource efficiency challenges

Production of food from alternative resources; using filtered/separated nutrients for food production; energy and water efficiency; shell-life extension by implementing advanced production/processing methods; I4.0 solutions optimizing the overall process including dosing, artificial intelligence, optimized monitoring and control of the process parameters and material flow and quality control.

Existing innovative solutions

Some of the identified innovative solutions to approach this challenge were presented via VIDA Webinars. See all the presentations here:

Algaria, exploit the power of algae

Demonstration Vouchers funded by VIDA

DV007 – e-Newtrients: recycling nutrients for future food


Enlisted VIDA Challenges and cases present the examples and not an exhaustive list. Some additional resource efficiency challenges in the agri-food sector may be also considered eligible.

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